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How to Save an Hour Every Day download

How to Save an Hour Every Day. Michael Heppell

How to Save an Hour Every Day
Author: Michael Heppell
Number of Pages: 192 pages
Published Date: 19 Aug 2011
Publisher: Pearson Education Limited
Publication Country: Harlow, United Kingdom
Language: English
Format: Pdf
ISBN: 9780273745693
Download Link: How to Save an Hour Every Day

'I'm so certain this book will help you save an hour every day, I guarantee it. If you've read the book, put the ideas into action and yet somehow haven't saved that vital hour, I'll personally give you your money back.' Michael Heppell How to Save an Hour Every Day is the new book from Michael Heppell, author of the bestselling personal development hit of 2010 Flip It, described by DJ and TV presenter Chris Evans as "brilliant, simple, a joy to read!" and "the best personal development book I have ever read". Would you like an extra hour a day, every day of your life, to do whatever you want with? If this sounds like an impossible dream, then here's the good news: that extra hour really can be yours! This easy-read book is high impact and full of brilliant ideas, tactics and suggestions that are all designed to save you valuable time. If you are willing to invest just an hour of your time to read it, pick out the ideas that leap out to you and put them into action, you'll create extra time every single day in a way you wouldn't believe could be possible. Among other things you will: * overcome procrastination and make better, faster decisions * unearth hidden time for you - time to do the important things * discover powerful new ways to organise your time and your life * find out how to deal with the deadly 'time sappers' * streamline and simplify absolutely everything you do - both at work and in the home We're sure you'll find more time every day. What you do with it is up to you

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